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The mystery behind the stones spreads out from the narrow streets and houses and castle of Behramkale down to the meadows below and the vast sea beyond Cappadocia: Situated in the heart of Turkey, amidst a unique landscape of volcanic tufa rock sculpted by the continuous erosion of the elements. It is a biblical land, the land of St. Paul, where the first Christians carved churches and dwellings out of fairy chimneys and dug subterranean cities to evade the Uralo-Altaic invaders. Although Assos is a long seven-hour drive from Istanbul through Thrace and across the Dardanelles, this enchanting seaside village provides a restful and an intellectual retreat. Also known as Behramkale, the tiny village is divided into two halves stretching along the quays of the old harbor and climbing up the rocky hill above.


The temple of Athena, a majestic Doric ruin of grey stone, is one of the most important antique sites in the region. It stands atop the highest rocky outcrop of a cliff above the Aegean Sea and looks across to the Greek island of Lesbos. The agora and gymnasium are visible from the steep road that descends to the sea. The mystery behind the stones spreads out from the narrow streets, houses and castle of Behramkale down to the meadows below and the vast sea beyond. Historians recall that the city of Assos was founded by Aeolians from the city of Methymna on the island of Lesbos (Mytilene) and that it was under Lydian rule from 560-547 B.C. and Persian rule from 547-479 B.C., later gaining its independence and becoming a member of the Athenian Naval League. Assos is ideal for days of pleasure and romance. In a successful attempt at architecturally sensitive tourist development, many of the hotels in Assos are built from local stone and blend in wonderfully with the village’s older buildings. Assos (Behramkale, Asos), though an ancient Aeolian city, has made its mark as a tourist attraction only at the end of the 1980s. With a rocky hillside to lean upon, the city is set above the charming and unspoiled finishing village of Behramkale in the Aegian region. If you are planning a quiet holiday far away from the maddening crowd, then this small, romantic Turkish province is the best choice. Assos (Behramkale, Asos) promises a vintage charm like never before.History of Assos Aeolian colonists from Lesbos laid the foundation of Assos (Behramkale, asos) in the 7th century B.C., which passed under Lydian rule some 100 years later. In 546 B.C. when the Lydians were defeated in the hands of Persians, the beginning of Persian rule in Assos (Behramkale, asos) was marked. Some of the prominent Persian governors of the region were Ariobarzanes, Euboulos, Hermias. Hermius, who was a eunuch, was a pupil of Plato and a friend of Aristotle.

The later stayed in Assos (Behramkale, asos) from 348-345 B.C. Alexander invaded the city in 334 B.C. and later it was attached to the Pergamon kingdom (241-133 B.C.). Pergamon rule was succeeded by Roman rule and consequently by Byzantine Empire. After 395A.D., i.e. during the Byzantine rule, the city came to be known as Makhram. Finally with Murad I ascending the throne in 1359 A.D., Assos came under Ottoman rule, which ended in 1389 A.D.

Your Basic Guide to Stockton Plumbers

Plumbing works are not something that people consider often. In fact, these works are overlooked until the real problems appear. It does not matter whether you are facing problem in your home due to toilet leaking or wet basement because of a broken pipe, taking the assistance of a reliable and experienced Stockton plumber could be the right option for you. Looking for the right assistance on time can help you to avoid the future hassles. Plumbing systems are very essential for people to ensure comfort, safety as well as healthily living.

Proper maintenance of the plumbing systems requires qualified and experience professional help. The quality of work provided by the plumber you select must always have priority, since even the most common work can quickly become a huge and costly if you do not handled it properly. It is therefore suggested that you go to a professional plumber, who is trained full time and not just a repairperson doing the job on the side. It is much easier to compare the professional plumbing services when you are in the midst of a plumbing emergency. Unfortunately, most of the people will usually call a plumber when they are in sudden plumbing emergencies and forget to look for the quality of the service they provide. Because there is no time for you to get recommendations and comments, people sometimes are forced to pay more for work that is mediocre, simply because they are not able to find the right one who can solve your problem.


Builders and contractors are also people who usually deal with the plumbing. They have formed strong opinions about local plumbers, the quality of work as well as scope of their prices. Real Estate Seller can also provide significant sources of information. Therefore, taking the assistance of these experts can also help you to find the right Stockton plumbers , who can provide you the best service at an affordable price. When selecting a plumber, you must choose an organization that provides specialized as well as efficient service at a reasonable price.

Pre Planning For Plumbing

This article bears very easy and useful tips for plumbing. To have the knowledge about different sections of plumbing is the topic of this article. We would like to start the article as:- If your home or office is under construction, of course the architect or mason is supposed to leave the spaces for the plumbing pipes to be installed for water supply from the tanker or main supply and disposal of wastages. You should discuss the issue i.e. size of the spaces for supply and disposal pipes. The second part of this issue is the coating of the internal surface of the spaces. With the discussion, you come to know about all the options and you are able to select a suitable one.


The second issue is your knowledge about the quality and size of the pipes. Very soon after the inquiry is started you are able to have the knowledge about all the companies supplying the plumbing pipes. When you have the knowledge about complete variety of pipes including quality, size, price and warranty period etc. you are able to select the best one. Third is that you should know about all companies offering the plumbing services. From different sources you may have the knowledge about all such companies. You can see the some installations made by the companies which are recommended by the people during your inquiry. Thus you would select perfect and professional services. During the inquiry, you would also be guided to check the work of the plumber during the installation. At this time you would see that whether all the joints, pipes, supporting devices (elbows, tees, valves and taps etc.) are being checked by the plumber duly or he is missing something. Complete knowledge about your plumbing (an important task, a part and parcel of your building) would make you satisfied and confidant. If all the joints are made leaking proof, pipes are checked through water or smoke during your presence and taps, valves, showers and stoppers etc. are tightened perfectly and likewise the responsibility is shown for the fitting of draining pipes. Ultimately by pouring the water into the pipes at full pressure, you finally see all the points (of both the lines of plumbing, supply line and draining line) if leakage is there from any point, of course it would be controlled and if entire line is leakage proof, it is right. After completion of the plumbing work, you should also get the guidance about the measures to be taken to avoid the plumbing problems. In view of the structure of your plumbing, the plumber would guide you about the checking and cleaning process.

If you take above discussed all steps prior to begin the work, it means that you have saved so much time and money which can be expected to spend in future if the work is done without paying the consideration as recommended. Through pre planning about the plumbing, the labor of days gives you the pleasure of years and saves your considerable portion of money.

Ideal Plumbing Services

For those of you have taken the trouble to ensure that their plumbing has been installed in the right manner and has an ample amount of ventilation, then the chances of needing good plumbing services is low. That however does not mean that you take such services for granted.

No matter how well maintained, you can end up with a broken water pipe, your gas boiler may decide to shut down, it could emanate carbon monoxide and you could be endangering your family. It is at times like these that having a good plumbing service, no matter where you live is important. If you are new to your locality and cannot really get a recommendation, then looking for services online will help. Read through reviews, look through ratings, find their locations and shortlist a few of them.


Interview the representatives and see if you are happy with their evaluation of your plumbing and all the services that they offer you. See if their approach is something that you are happy with.

Crucial Details of The Plumbing And Heating Repair Services

Plumbing service is without a doubt related with maintenance of the pipes and also the tubes that deliver liquefied or partially liquids like substances. The liquid as well as the somewhat liquefied like materials handle an array of materials from the drinkable water to sewage. As a result, to guarantee the appropriate relocating of these components as well as along with the proper maintenance of the plumbing as well as tubes should be kept in running condition. This is where the plumbing service is necessary. The constant maintenance, assembly, as well as fixing of the pipes are handled by the Plumbing. Often the water heater repair also requires a few types of Plumbing services. While in the city of Maryland this may come as a good example of the Plumbing and Heating Repair Service within Maryland.


The same as the Plumbing service, the heating repair service is also essential in the modern society whether it be urban as well as rural. By simply heating, we suggest a category of tools that generates heat and the heat is utilized for warming up something. Whether it is the warming up of the room inside the cold, the heating the water for household purpose, or several other applications. Inside a developed town similar to Maryland, both the plumbing as well as the heating repair services have got their purposes. They may be in both home-based as well as in the industrial goal. Maryland is undoubtedly well-developed town. Every time a city is blessed with all contemporary equipment, it must be maintained correctly. Many businesses are available who offer the fundamental plumbing services just like the water cleanser installment, the cleaning of the drainage system, Fuel pipe repairing, as well as the water heater set up. In addition they deal with the leakage involving any of these lines too. In fact, they offer their services to the commercial sectors also. The same goes for heating repair too. The heating products for the domestic use is an extended list. It includes the oven, electric powered heater for hot water heaters, fuel heating unit, and room heating units. We now have a number of providers which provide their services not just maintaining these pieces of equipment, but in addition in repairing all of them. At times the repair calls for both the plumbing skills along with heating repair at the same time. For instance, Maryland is a city in which individuals deal with the cold a whole lot. Thus almost all of the households are equipped with the facility of the Geezer that may heat water with regard to cleanup. For that reason, this can be gear covers both the employing Plumbing along with Heating services. To get the separate Plumbing service or Heating service in Maryland is not hard. If the products are from the extended warranty period of time, the maker itself offers the after sales support at no cost. A phone to the customer service number is necessary. Whether or not the item is outside warranties time period, there is nothing to concern yourself with.

Several providers are all about the metropolis which will offer service to the various components. They on a regular basis distribute their advertising and the popular services in all the communication settings, newspaper, free leaflets, television, radio, internet, or perhaps the directories. Plenty of options are usually obtainable concerning the service quality of Plumbing along with Heating Repair services in Maryland. Many of these include the expense and also the positive aspects just like annual servicing contract. By having a close analysis, you are able to certainly find the option that suits you most.

Insulating Cold And Hot Tanks

1. Proprietary jackets will fit most cold water tanks. Start by flopping the jacket over the tank arid pulling it roughly into position. 2. Rather than cut into the jacket’s ‘envelopes’, try to accommodate a pipe by parting the seam between them. All cuts must be sealed with tape.

3. When installing blanket insulation start with the side of the tank. If you’re using glass fibre blanket wear gloves and a face mask. 4. If the blanket isn’t as wide as the tank is deep, a second layer, which should overlap the first, will be necessary. Use string to hold the blanket in place. 5. The tank must have a firm lid to prevent the water inside being polluted. Don’t tie the lagging to the lid in such a way that it is impossible to undo. 6. Expansion tanks riced insulating too. If using sheet polystyrene, remember to cut the panels so that their ends overlap when fitted to the tank. 7. Use tape, string, or glue to hold the side panels together. Fill the gaps left as a result of making cut-outs with wedges of waste polystyrene.


8. Make a lid for your tank by gluing together two panels of polystyrene. The smaller (inner) panel should just It inside the tank. Hot Tanks 1. When using a proprietary jacket to insulate a hot water cylinder, start by securing the polythene ‘envelopes’ round the hot water supply pipe. 2. The sides of the jacket are held in place with straps. Take care not to cover the capping and wiring of any immersion heater.